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"Another great winner today. It only won by 6 lengths. Brilliant." Andrew

The 14/1 winner above, Captain Redbeard, had not won for nearly a year and finished 6th beaten 40 lengths in its previous race. Highlighted to us as a winning tip with an early price of 7/1, this
horse drifted massively but we didn't care as this is just the sort of horse that gets over looked
time and time again that we provide to you as a true, value bet.

"Hi, just want to tell you that I am happy to have found one who knows what he is doing. I stepped straight into a losing run my first day but never doubted better days were to come - and here they are. Congratulations." Ames

The email above arrived after the service had provided over 20 points profit in one day giving members a bumper pay day. It confirms the need to be patient and trust the selections to be profitable long term. During the losing run we had enough horses that had run close to winning to give this member and others a confidence that things would turn around, allowing them to be rewarded for their patience.

This is a relatively new service but we aim to be the best.

My team and I are normal punters just like you and we believe like you do that with the right tools, it is possible to make money from your betting . If you have struggled to find anything that can help you do just that up to now, you need to think seriously about subscribing to our tipping service today.

Our great start is hopefully a sign of things to come.

We made over 200 points profit in just over two months at the start of the service. All to Betfair SP at level stakes, including less 5% commission on all winning bets.


Pretty astounding I think you will agree. 


We also do things a little differently in that we often select more than one runner in a race, but the results bear out our methods. Take a look at the results on the link below.


The results page has an Explanation link at the top which you may want to look at. Sheet 1 is the best results link, giving all bets provided and the profit shown to level stakes.


Best Wishes.


Gary Nelson

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